Quiet Storm Foundation Internship – Community Outreach

Matt Kelly Elementary School Career Day February 4, 2020

They were 4th grade students in a very low SES neighborhood and inspiration is much needed to let them know they have a say in their paths. They do have a chance to be successful and alongside my career partner Mrs. Cathy Watson, we emphasized the importance of staying focus and not allow struggles, challenging circumstances get in the way of their goals in life. At Matt Kelly during the Career Day was a great treat form me to be able to proudly represent an organization that I truly learned a lot from over the last 5 years of working with and being a produce of the services Quiet Storm foundation had to offer. I met so many inspiring students that day and I truly believe we all learned something from one another.

“Quiet Storm Foundation gave me the opportunity to speak to underprivileged youth in the Las Vegas community at Matt Kelly elementary school and engage them in my story. A story about hardships, perseverance, and dedication. It was a wonderful experience to see the future of our society and be able to encourage them to use every day to their advantage.”