C.J.’s Big Dream

CJ’s BIG DREAM C.J.’S Big Dream is the first of a series for author CJ Watson. With this series, Watson is dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world with his stories filled with inspiration and motivation. C.J.’S Big Dream is available on Amazon.com and C.J.PENS.COM

Matt Kelley Career Day

Quiet Storm Foundation Internship – Community Outreach Matt Kelly Elementary School Career Day February 4, 2020 They were 4th grade students in a very low SES neighborhood and inspiration is much needed to let them know they have a say in their paths. They do have a chance to be successful and alongside my career […]


Key Steps to Starting Your Own Business Workshop” Thanks for joining us for a private S.T.O.R.M event where learning the basic steps and skills to start your own business. STORM brainstormed potential business ideas, to create an outline business plan, and consider how to market, manufacture, deliver, and finance their product or services.

C.J.’s Big Project

CJ’s back for the win but there’s one thing standing in his way, his class project. In order to play in the next Big Game, CJ must find a way to get a passing grade on his science project but can he do it? Will he be able to get a good grade to play […]

2020 Black History Luncheon

2020 BLACK HISTORY LUNCHEON Previous Next During the month of February each year, Quiet Storm Foundation host a Black History Month Oratorical Competition. The competition helps students develop skills in critical thinking, writing, and public speaking. The winners are highlighted in these Black History Luncheon photos.


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